The Norwegian Forest Cat is a burly feline, well-muscled and thick-boned with a full, thick coat of hair to keep them warm in the frigid forests of Scandinavia. They’re indeed very large cats, which says nothing about their loving and affectionate personality.

A Norwegian Forest Cat’s size can very greatly depending on the gender; a fully grown female will be between 9-12 lbs while a fully grown male will be between 12-16 lbs. If you love the affectionate yet independent personality of the Norwegian Forest Cat and want a large kitty companion, a male Norwegian Forest Cat might be right for you.

The average height of a Norwegian Forest Cat is 9-12 inches, and the average length is about 12-18 inches.

This breed is also very slow to mature, taking about 4-5 years to reach their full size (females mature a bit faster than males), which is approximately 33% of their average lifespan of 14-16 years.

Indeed, Norwegian Forest Cats are one of the biggest cat breeds out there, but if you’re looking for the biggest cat breed then the Maine Coon has them beat. The biggest Norwegians typically top out around 23lbs, while the biggest Maine Coons tip the scales at 25lbs.

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